The Company LNN GlobalEnterprises, LLC is committed to providing a work environment free of harassment and discrimination, where all persons in the work place are treated with respect and dignity, therefore harassment and discrimination is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Harassment is a complex matter however, generally speaking it is any improper conduct directed at someone that the person finds offensive and harmful and that a reasonable person would view as unwelcome and offensive. It can be any objectionable act, comment or display that demeans , belittles or causes personal humiliation or embarrassment, or any act of intimidation or threat.

Any incident of harassment or bullying brought to the attention of a management representative cannot be ignored and must be reported to Human Resources for the investigation. An accusation of harassment or bullying will not be taken lightly, if , after investigation any employee is found to have harassed someone they may be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of employment.

Examples of what constitutes harassment:
• Serious or repeated rude, crude, degrading or offensive remarks, such as teasing about a person’s physical characteristics or appearance, put-downs or insults
• Displaying or sending sexist, racist or other offensive pictures, posters or emails
• Unwelcome social invitations with sexual overtones or flirting
• Verbal abuse, threats, intimidation or retaliation
• Refusing to converse or work with an employee because his or her racial or ethnic background
• Insulting gestures or practical jokes based on racial or ethnic/religious grounds which cause embarrassment or awkwardness.

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual Harassment is unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.

Both women and men can be sexually harassed. There are many kinds of conduct that can constitute sexual harassment, some examples are:

Verbal or Written:
o Comments about clothing, personal behavior, or a person’s body; sexual or sex-based jokes, requesting sexual favors or repeatedly asking a person out; sexual innuendoes; telling rumors about a person’s personal or sexual life, threatening a person.
o Assault, blocking movement, inappropriate touching of a person or a person’s clothing, kissing, hugging, patting, stroking.
o Looking up and down a person’s body, derogatory gestures or facial expressions of a sexual nature, following a person.
o Posters, drawings, pictures, screensavers or emails of a sexual nature.

Indirect Harassment:

Thus involves conduct that is not directed at a particular individual but results in an overall poisoned atmosphere.

Indirect harassment also includes conduct/remarks or malicious gossip about an employee that are not directed at him or her at the time. This could include casual conversations between employees about another employee who is not present during the conversation. Unless this conversation is with a member of management or a person who has authority to resolve the issue being discussed, this could be considered gossip.

If an employee becomes aware or demeaning remarks or gossip and is adversely affected as a result, then such indirect comments may constitute workplace harassment.

Workplace Bullying:

Workplace bullying is the repeated less favorable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered an unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice. It includes behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades or humiliates a worker.
Bullies usually utilize power attributed to their status, skills or position in the workplace and both men and women can be targets and /or the perpetrators. Workplace bullying can occur between a worker and a manager or supervisor, or between co workers. Bullying behavior can range from very obvious verbal or physical assault to very subtle psychological abuse.


Discrimination means treating people differently, negatively or adversely because of their race, age, religion, gender, ethnic origin, ancestry, place or origin, martial status, sexual orientation, family status, political belief, citizenship, criminal conviction, mental disability, creed or physical disability.

Conduct of this nature is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated in the workplace. The workplace referred to include the Company properties, lunchrooms, washrooms, locker rooms, offices, Company sponsored events and meetings, travel on Company business and any other locations where the business of this Company is being conducted.

What Harassment/Discrimination is Not:
Workplace harassment or discrimination must not be confused with providing direction or legitimate comment and advice(including relevant negative comment or feedback) from managers and supervisors on the work performance or work related behavior of an individual or group.

The process of providing feedback to staff during a formal performance appraisal or counseling staff regarding work performance will not always be free of stress. Managers should manage these processes with sensitivity, but they should not avoid their responsibility to provide full honest feedback to staff.

The Company LNN GlobalEnterprises, LLC reserves the right to alter , change or amend this policy at their discretion.