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First of all, when browsing through our website, you must have seen a wide variety of backyard design components, and wondered how to choose the right ones. The choice is really simple, it all boils down to two factors:
• Size
• Money

One you know your budget, and the size of your land, which you are willing to sacrifice to building a fountain, or establishing new lighting, the rest is just pleasant work – picking the design.

The easiest way to decorate your backyard, or to do a complete makeover of your patio, is to browse through online inspiration, either photos on social networks, or buy a few home décor magazines, and select any finished design that you like. Pay attention to colors, style, sizes, and then, with that photo of your dream garden in mind, head back to our website: and start looking up items that are as close as possible to what you are seeing in the magazine.

Our website offers one of the biggest selections of backyard design elements, from over-sized fountains to table fountains, from solar rocks to small candle holders, so you will definitely find something for your liking!

Please also note that we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50, so you shouldn’t worry about shipping costs when making orders through our website. Our website also takes pride in encrypting credit card / PayPal information using SSL, to guarantee maximum security, and if you have any pre-sales or post-sales questions, our team is available to assist you at any time, through phone or email.

We are constantly adding new items to our store, so be sure to check our newly listed items regularly! You will also find hundreds of demo videos on our website, which demonstrate in action each and every product we sell, and how to install it.

But don’t limit yourself to just garden design; we are selling exclusive indoor water features with LED lighting, which can bring a fantastic ZEN-like feeling to your living room. With various deluxe lamps and candle holders, you can upgrade your home and instantly make it look more expensive and much more luxurious, ON A BUDGET!

Don’t wait, if you have the intention and the inspiration to carry out a complete (or small) makeover in your interior or exterior design, ACT NOW. Choose everything you like and order right away, so you can have them as soon as possible and can start creating your dream home.

Remember, when it comes to backyard design – the sky is the limit! Literally.
Allow your imagination run wild, and finally allow yourself to install everything you ever wanted in your backyard, because with our low prices you can make your home look and feel expensive, without forking out thousands of dollars on exterior designer!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us: 1-250-862-7920 or local line: 1-605-231-8044 – we will be happy to assist you!